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These are a few of the links to some of the Kurdish Web Pages.  Please click the link below and begin the journey into a culture that will bring smiles and tears to your face.

1.  www.kncna.org  (The Kurdish National Congress of North America)
    Official website of The Kurdish National Congress of North America, KNCNA.

2.  www.kurdishmedia.com  (Kurdish Media, United Kurdish Voice)
    Official website of Kurdish Media.

3.  www.puk.org  (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan)
    Offical website of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK.

4.  www.kdp.nu  (Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq (KDP - Iraq)
    Offical website of Kurdistan Democratic Party, KDP.

5.   www.kurdistan.ws  (Kurdistan Regional Government)
    KRG UK representative.

7.  www.kurdistanpost.com  (Kurdistan Post)
     Kurdistan Post is an independent Kurdish site, dedicated to political current issues and
     the cultural heritage of Kurdistan.

8.  www.voa.gov/kurdish (Kurdish Voice of America - Listen to the news in Kurdish)
    Voice of America's Kurdish Service broadcasts from 1600 UTC to 1700 UTC daily.
    All of their shows offer the latest in news and information from the USA, the Middle
    East and around the world. 

9.  www.Kurdishdaily.com  (Kurdish News or Kurdish Daily)
    Daily Kurdish news with the links to other world news.

10.  www.Kurdistansite.com  (Kurdistan Site)
      Online news, reports and opinions.  Binkay hawal, rapoort & bochoon.