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Title:  America America.  Medium: Acrylic on Canvas.  Size: 10' x 6'.                                       
Year Painted:
1970 - 1971.

Title: Evolution (Plastograph Prints).  A series of experimental prints that                                     
was done with various materials.  This consisted of: paint, plastic, and                                        
chemicals.  40% control and 60% by chance.  Size: 18" x 32".                                                  
Year Painted:

               This is a close up from the painting entitled "Evolution".

Title: Parents and the child.  This is a detail from the painting entitled "Evolution".

                     Detail from the painting entitled "Evolution".

                       Detail from the painting entitled "Evolution".

                       Detail from the painting entitled "Evolution".

Title: Lion of Babylon.  This is a detail from the painting entitled "Evolution". _______________________________________________________________________

Title: Power.  Series: Number 1 of 20 from the painting entitled
"Plastograph".  Size: 20" x 28".  Year Painted: 1970. _______________________________________________________________________

Title: The Great Chase.  Series: From the painting entitled
"Plastograph".  Size: 20" x 20".  Year Painted:  1970. _______________________________________________________________________

Title: Melting Snow.  Series: From the painting entitled "Plastograph".
Size: 24" x 16".  Year Painted:  1970.                  _______________________________________________________________________

Title: Three Creatures.  Series: From the painting entitled "Plastograph".
Size: 20" x 24".  Year Painted:  1971.                  _______________________________________________________________________

Title: Fulcrum.  Series: Number 1 of 15.  Size: 36" x 24".
Year Painted:  1972.                                            _______________________________________________________________________

Series: Number 1 of 16 from the "Intersection" series.  Medium: Acrylic
canvas on shaped walnut panels.  Size: 4' x 5'.  Year Painted:  1973. _______________________________________________________________________

Series: From the "Intersection" series.  Size: 30" x 24" x 24".
Year Painted: 1973.

Title: By Accident.  Size: 18" x 12".  Year Sculpted:  1973.
Info: As I was working on the "Intersection Series", I was gluing
the canvas on the wood structure. I wiped my hands with this piece
of cheese cloth to remove the glue.  This is the form it took the next
day when I looked at it so  I saved it.                          _______________________________________________________________________

Series: Horizon.  Year Painted:  1974.  Note: This was on exhibit
in Denver, CO at the Spark Gallery in 1986.  The first time this exhibit
was shown, was in a solo show at Paideia Gallery on La Cienega in
Los Angeles in 1974.  


                                  Series: Horizon. 

Series: Horizon.  Size: 6' x 4'.  Year Painted: 1974.

Series: Horizon.  Size: 6' x 4'.  Year Painted: 1974. _______________________________________________________________________

Series: Number 1 of 12 from the "Vertical Horizontal" series.
Medium: Cheesecloth on canvas and dyes.  Size: 42" x 60".
Year Painted: 1975.                        

Every series that was shown in a solo exhibit was reviewed by critics
from an assortment of newspapers and magazines.  Above is one of
those reviews done on my "Vertical Horizontal" series.

                         This is an enlarged view of section above. _______________________________________________________________________


Series: Transformation.  A Transformation from two dimensions to
three dimensions.  Year Painted:  1976.   Information: These
sprouts are a transformation from two dimensional abstraction to
three dimensional realism.  The Sprout is the second stage of the
transformation.  The third stage is the three dimensional realism
sculptures.  The sculptures can be found in the sculpture category.
My intention was to express the tragic situation in Kurdistan in three
dimensional realism.  That is when I did all the sculptures.    _______________________________________________________________________     

Creative evolution consists of thirteen pieces of fiberglass paintings which
represent the evolution of art.  They are conceptual and spiritual expression
that penetrate through another horizon of visualization to depict the birth and
rebirth of art.  

Included is a thirteen part diagram showing three climaxes of art for the
sake of art.  The first evolution climaxes in the first attempt at making art (Cave
Art).  The second evolution climaxes in a perfection of art (the Renaissance). 
The third evolution peaks in Abstractionism leading to the big question: "What Next?"
A period of confusion follows.  Finally and hopefully we will reach a greater
realization which will take us to a new vertex which hopefully will never decline.

The diagram works in this manner.  The diagram represents several evolutions
before the start (or a very fine undulation).  These evolutions are divided into
thirteen parts.  Four of these are Temptations, three are Revellions preceding
three Climaxes.  Following each of the three Climaxes comes the relaxation
that leads to the Decline.

As each level of evolution approaches the present their time span shortens,
until finally they overlap.  The fourteenth and the fifteenth parts consist of the
Coming Rebellion and its Climax or the Start.  Each period has been
represented by an elementary color; as these periods overlap secondary
colors are created.  As each evolution approaches the present the elementary  
color reduces.  The fourteenth, fifteenth, and those following will be of vibrating
colors.  The start occurs  when all the colors go into time as a brilliant vibration.
The Start might be possible after the year 2000

Color Representations:
Elementary Colors   =   Pure, simple, artless
Overlapping Colors   =   Association, trust, recognition, experience
(Secondary colors)
Red, orange, and yellow   =   Rebellion
Purple   =   Temptation
Green   =   Climax
Blue   =   Decline

Creative Evolution: This diagram has been                    designed inside a triangle, which isinside a square,                        As shown in the picture on the left. The diagram                     goes from the past to the future, then hopefully to                     an infinite future (timeless). This will be accomplished by reaching out and connection, and not by controlling and            disconnecting.

Title:  Creative Evolution  Series: Number 12 of 13 from the Creative
Evolution series.  Medium: Fiberglass, resin, pigments, formed on
canvas.  Size: 4' x 6'.  Year Painted: 1979.                                           ________________________________________________________________________     

Note:  From 1982 to 1998 there were many series of sculptures of Kurds
and the homeless in Los Angeles.  Below are a few of the paintings/sculptures.

Title: Downtown Los Angeles.  Medium: Fiberglass, resin, plywood and
acrylic on canvas.  Size: 10' x 6'.  Year Painted/Sculpted: 1990. ________________________________________________________________________

Title: Homeless Couple.  Medium: Fiberglass, cheesecloth, and laxaon. 
Size: 36" x 20".  Year Sculpted: 1990.                  ________________________________________________________________________

Title: Hallabja.  Medium: Fiberglass, cheesecloth, canvas and sand.
Size: 6' x 10'.  Year Painted: 1990.                      ________________________________________________________________________

Title: Hallabja.  Medium: Plexyglass on acrylic on plywood.
Size: 22" x 22".  Year Painted: 1991.                   _________________________________________________________________________

Title: Abstract Expressionism.  Medium: Acrylic on canvas on wood and laxon.
Size: 20' x 6'Year Painted: 2005.                    ________________________________________________________________________

Title: Abstract Expressionism.  Medium: Acrylic on canvas on wood and laxon.
Size: 36" x 24"Year Painted: 2005.                  ________________________________________________________________________

Title: Abstract Expressionism.  Medium: Acrylic on canvas on wood and laxon.
Size: 24" x 20"Year Painted: 2005.                ________________________________________________________________________

Since 1969 all my work has been shaped canvas which included hard edge abstraction to
abstract expressionism. During this time I used fiberglass and various fabrics. In 1976,
I changed to representational artwork. During this peroid I created large fiberglass
sculptures to depict the pain and suffering of the Kurdish people. I refer to this period
as the, "Dark side of the elements" and my new series I refer to as the, "Bright side of
the elements", using tulips and orchids, which surround emerging dancers in bright colors,
forms and movements. Currently, I have completed six of the fourteen pieces to be
represented in my new series. All current works are acrylic on canvas on wood and
steel and lexon.

Title: Creation #3.  Medium: Acrylic on canvas on wood and laxon.
Size: 9’10" x 6’Year Painted: 2006.                   _______________________________________________________________________

Title: Tulip.  Medium: Acrylic on canvas on wood and laxon.
Size: 6’x 4’Year Painted: 2006.                     ________________________________________________________________________

Title: Miltonia (with Luisa Marazilla)  Medium: Acrylic on canvas on wood and laxon.
Size: 8' x 6'.  Year Painted: 2006.

Title: Queen of Night.  Medium: Acrylic on canvas on wood and laxon. Size: 6' x 6'.
Year Painted: 2006.

Title: Catataleya Descending.  Size: 43" x 88".  Medium:  Acrylic on canvas on wood. 
Year painted:

Title: Brassia Maculata Descending the Limb.  Medium: Acrylic on canvas on wood 
Size: 74" x 44".  Year Painted: 2007.

Title: Medusa (Orchid).  Medium: Fabrics, acrylic, poly urethane on canvas. 
Size: 6' x 6'.  Year Painted: 2007.

Title: Tankervelleae (Orchid).  Medium: Fabrics, acrylic, poly urethane on canvas.
Size: 4' x 6'.  Year Painted: 2007.